Throughout our 30 years of providing Design/Build services for home and business owners throughout the Pioneer Valley, Barron & Jacobs is proud to have received countless letters complimenting our tailored design solutions, unparalleled craftsmanship and exceptional personal service.

Dear Jake, last year, at this time, we were in the talking stage of remodeling and enlarging our bedroom and bath.

We could never have imagined how beautiful it would turn out. Our bedroom has become a multi-functional room with a comfy sitting area where we have our TV, a desk with our iMac on it and treadmill. We have an exercise bike at the other end of the room near the sliding glass door.

The tray ceiling is beautiful and grabs everyone’s attention when they enter the bedroom. It creates a spectacular room instead of just a large room and the lighting complements the ceiling. The pocket door is wonderful in 2 ways. When open, it is out of the way. We always close it when company comes. After they have seen the bedroom, and admired the cedar closet and our other closets with mirrored doors, we slide the bathroom door open and people just stand there looking in, amazed at the beauty of the room. We always have them come in to appreciate the space we have. Not only do they love the marble vanity, they love the bump out with the cathedral ceiling and the windows that highlight our jetted tub with its marble surround that is curved the way you drew it the first time we saw your plans. Initially, I wanted the bigger master bath but was concerned at the reduced size of our bedroom. We had thought of taking out the walls between both rooms but I kept thinking “inside the box” and just could not envision the outcome.

When we first met you at the Home Show and saw some of the projects you had completed, we were impressed. On your first visit, your statement “tell me what you want and let me come up with a plan”, coupled with your positive attitude, sold us. The final plan was great, especially the bathroom, which had stumped me because I had not envisioned the jetted tub in a bump out. Let me say again, we love the final result.

The workmanship is of the highest quality, or as Bob would say, it looks like it was born there. Chris did a fine job managing the project and all the people, both yours and the subcontractors. A call to Chris got things taken care of.

We got to know Bob very well. He was always the gentleman. Irene never heard a bad word from Bob, Chris, or any other members of the crew that worked here at one time or another. All your employees seem very capable, but our hats are off to Bob who made sure that everything was right. He was always coming up with a better way to do things. I learned a lot just observing him.

We would never hesitate to recommend Barron & Jacobs to our family and friends. If we ever have anything that needs to be done, only Barron & Jacobs will do it.

Many thanks for a job well done!

Sal and Irene Porcello

Dear Jake, wanted to thank you for transforming our old and dark kitchen into a wonderful light and “modern” area that we now spend most of our time in.

Your employees were all excellent, especially John, and we appreciated the skills they brought to the project. I should have my furniture in by mid-June, so stop by to see the final outcome. I’m now thinking about how I want to update my master bath, so I will give you a call soon.

Tiny Wergrzyn

Dear Kevin and Jake, thanks so much for correcting our gradually sinking porch into a beautifully enclosed sunroom that is soundly constructed. We absolutely love the room and plan to have many enjoyable hours sitting and reading, serving guests dinner, and doing various work and leisurely things.

It was wonderful working with Kevin, who was excellent in answering all of our questions, correcting anything that went wrong, and spending whatever time was necessary going over plans and ideas to ensure that we were designing just what we wanted.

John and Ron also were excellent craftsmen and gave us exceptional constructional advice of things we would not have considered as the project progressed. We also appreciated that everyone worked diligently and honestly even while we were at work and did not require that we disrupt our entire work schedule and lifestyle while the project was being done.

Lastly, we would like to note that from our first meeting with Kevin and Jake, we could tell that Barron & Jacobs was a very knowledgeable firm dedicated to doing quality work. Again, thanks so much for all your care and attention in creating a lovely sunroom.

Corrie Trattner and Henry Hasenbush

We have recently had a three-seasons hot tub room and exercise room connected by a pergola, added to our house. I had been dreading making arrangements to have this construction done, even though I desperately wanted it done, because it is so hard to find a company that will draw up plans for you, and then do what you want them to do.

One day I received an unsolicited mailing from Barron & Jacobs and decided to call. I knew right away when I met Kevin that this was the construction company for me. He listened politely to all our ideas, and drew up plans using all the information from our discussions that he could use, plus he had lots of ideas of his own. He knew what would work and what wouldn’t work, and he knows all about different building materials.

The crew did a wonderful job, even working through snowstorms and freezing weather. All the workers were very polite and knowledgeable. Chris Jacobs quickly took care of every concern of ours and fixed every little problem that came up. Even my husband, who is EXTREMELY difficult to please, was completely satisfied. I recommend Barron & Jacobs in general, and want to encourage people who are afraid to take the plunge to JUST DO IT. Make your house the way you really want it. And this company will really make you glad that you did.

Holly and Jack Bresnahan

Dear Jake, I am writing to let you know how pleased we are with the window replacements at our house in Tolland (Tunxis). Not only are the windows the right fit that match the character and tradition of the house (thanks to your help in choosing them), but they were installed with great care and concern for detail. We particularly appreciated that your crew was willing to do extra work to enhance the appearance of the windows – in this regard, the new framing for the double windows in the kitchen is terrific.

Again, thanks so very much for the prompt work and professionalism. And as was the case the previous time you did work for us, the house was left spotless.

David Herzberger

Dear Jake, kindly extend our thanks to Bob Sperry and his crew for the excellent work they did in building our screen porch. During the course of construction we found them to be highly skilled and attentive to detail. Moreover, they were courteous and patiently answered our many questions.

After considering this addition to our home for several years, we feel very fortunate that we chose Barron & Jacobs Associates to execute our wishes. From the initial meeting through the final walk through, the professionalism and responsiveness of the Barron & Jacobs team was outstanding.

For these reasons, we do not hesitate to recommend your firm to our friends and business associates. Please feel free to use our name among your many satisfied clients.

Roland and Elaine Malboeuf

After twenty years of frustration and disappointment with our building contractors, we had the good fortune to find Jake at Barron & Jacobs. All his workers were courteous, thorough, neat and punctual. The many unsolicited comments of how nice our house looks is a testimonial to his professionalism. Thank you, Jake.

– Jon

Dear Jake, I feel compelled to add my thanks and gratitude not only for the beautiful work you did on the Amherst house, but also the personal attention you gave to the Northampton house for our daughter. Your “Tradition of building satisfaction” goes beyond one’s expectations. With most sincere thanks.

– Barbara

Jon and Barbara Humphrey

Dear Jake and staff, I’ve been thinking of what words would be best to show my gratitude and appreciation, however they all fall short of the thanks you all deserve.

Jake, without you and your staff, I would be stuck with an unrentable house. I jumped into the fire with both feet, and your experience and knowledge kept me from getting burned. I’ve always felt I had angels watching over me and now that has been confirmed again. Nothing short of the devine could bring such great people onto my path. I risked losing it all and with your honesty and hardworking staff I was able to start my dream of financial independence. I thank you and my parents thank you for your professionalism and the attention to detail and the perfection of the work. It’s good to know that the old fashioned work ethics of our forefathers is not gone completely.


Elizabeth Humphrey

Dear Jake, it is a bright sunny day. It’s the kind that shows off the superb workmanship of John, Bob, Glen and the rest of your craftsmen. The new kitchen is all we wanted with the added grace of the modified and expanded front exterior. Both reflect your ability to grasp what we wanted and then make it happen.

The task certainly was an adventure. The lack of foundation was a surprise. The replacement of the ceiling beam was a challenge. Getting the cabinetry configured to satisfaction took diligence. You, your staff, and the tradespeople you led us to were instrumental in achieving successful solutions to these and other things encountered.

And, so, after two months of daily use, I can say that the renovation is a resounding success. Thus far, we can think of nothing we would have done differently.

The six floor tiles that we wanted replaced have been. I now consider the renovation satisfactorily completed and enclose the certificate that attests to this. Well done, Jake.

We are thinking of some other projects. When we have thought them through enough to seek professional help, you can be assured our first call will be to you.

Our best to Kathy and “the guys”. You are a great team.

Roger and Patricia Schifferli

Dear Jake and the entire great team that worked on my project:

I know this has been a long time coming, but I’ve been enjoying my new addition so much and trying to get things done. Now that things have slowed down a bit, I can sit down and write.

I want to express my pleasure at the great job that was done on my project. It was quite a decision to add a second floor to my funky little cottage and I was concerned that the design not destroy that cozy feeling. You did a great job with the design; even though the house is almost twice as big, it still retains that lakeside casual charm. That was important to me.

It’s hard to believe that this time last year we were just in the process of planning, and negotiating the details, and none of the “fun” had started yet. I wasn’t sure how it would be, but it was important for me to work with someone who had the skills to do this type of renovation and still allow me to live in my home during the project. Other than having to move my stuff around a few times, and have my living space filled with doors and windows for awhile, the experience was quite painless. I was actually expecting it to be more chaotic than it was. And even though my roof was off in the middle of winter, I was never cold or snowed upon! It was exciting to come home each day and see what had been done. I was able to take a pictures of the whole process, which is now a digital scrap book of my addition.

All the guys who worked at my home were a pleasure to have around. They were all highly skilled, extremely professional, and personable. They clearly made an effort to reduce the disruption to my life. Bob did a great job of coordinating everything, being a stickler for detail and insisting that everything be done right. The mahogany staircase he designed is just beautiful, and everyone comments on it. All of the guys were efficient, and very good at what they do. It’s too bad that some of the most impressive work they did (all the structural stuff, and making my house level and even) doesn’t even show. But of course, the part that does show is equally impressive – people slow down and look at my house when they go by, and I’ve been told by several people around the lake that they like my house the best! So do I!

In closing, I’d like to say how happy I am that chose to work with you and your company. I couldn’t be happier with the process and the results. Please feel free to give my name and number to prospective customers, if you wish.

Sue Ordinetz

Dear Jake, as I sit in my gorgeous glass room and feel the warmth of the sun I think back to over a year ago when I first began the transformation of my home with a simple phone call to your office.

You had installed a glass room for a friend and your work was highly recommended by her, therefore I place a phone call to your office. The amazing aspect of that first phone call was that you were the person to answer the phone and so began a relationship of ideas, advice, trust and mutual respect between the two of us.

You may recall my initial inquiry began with the addition of a glass room on our upper deck. You provided me with much information that included both the pro’s and the con’s of various options and spent a long time on the phone in discussion with me.

You then met with Jim and I, where we explained that the glass room was really just the icing on the cake, and proceeded to tell you about what else needed to be done to our aging home. Jim and I were delighted to realize that Barron & Jacobs could meet all our needs. Thus began the actual process for a new roof, windows, siding, doors, stabilize the existing deck, create a storage room, removal of a very large coal stove, renovating a bath, various electrical work, and finally the cherry on the sundae… the installation of a glass room.

What I appreciated most about working with you and the men of Barron & Jacobs, aside from the excellent quality of work, was the patience, tolerance and open discussions you took the time for to allow me to make a decision that would suit our lives and our living space.

The work began and you sent me Bob Sperry, the general Project Manager and Peter Gorski, the Project Manager for the glass room. I cannot say enough good things about the quality of work and organizational skills of Bob along with the quality of the man himself. His relationship with his workers, along with the relationship he and I developed, allowed the job to move forward 100 percent. As parts of the house date back to the late 1700’s and the original design was not meant to be a home, difficulties and challenges inevitably occurred during the renovations. I am very thankful that between you and Bob the difficulties and challenges transformed into changes and successes.

In Peter, I had a conscientious and hardworking young man. His diligence and attentiveness to details allows me to sit and enjoy nature from the inside out.

I would also like to mention the quick response to all my questions that were made to your office. Sandy and Kevin were a pleasure. You appear to employ people who are committed to their profession and take pride in the quality of work they provide. My last Barron & Jacobs employee that worked on my house, who I refer to as “the other Bob”, did an excellent job in the fine tuning of the glass room and tying up all the uncompleted ends of the project. He is a skilled craftsman who really knows his work.

In closing, Jim and I would also like to thank you for all the “extras” you put into this major transformation of our home without adding to the cost of the project. We are both extremely pleased with the final product and would highly recommend (and have) Barron & Jacobs. I truly believe “start with the best and move on from there”, and so it happened with my very first phone call to you.

With sincere thanks and warm regards.

Susan Ackerman

Chris, thank you for sending Bob to do some “final” repairs to our house. Jim and I truly appreciate the personal and professional service Barron & Jacobs supplies. Your commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is commendable.

Please pass along a Merry Christmas to your Dad and to Sandy. It is always a pleasure working with Barron & Jacobs.

Susan Ackerman

Dear Barron & Jacobs, the new kitchen is great. I almost don’t think I need to say anymore than that but I will.

This 1870’s farmhouse has never had a proper kitchen. Part of it was in the pantry, and part of it was in the dining room. We managed to live with it for a couple of reasons. One, of course, was cost. But the other was that we simply couldn’t see a good solution to the problem. The area we wanted to make a kitchen had three doorways on one wall, plus two windows on opposing walls, plus a space-limiting wall to contend with. Add to that the lack of a cellar underneath it, and you get a good picture of how it couldn’t be done. So when we talked to Tom Dadmun about it, we really didn’t have much hope. Yet he managed to come up with a plan that we could agree with.

Then came the carpenters Bob and Ray. They were an amazing pair of craftsmen and artists. They saw problems that weren’t accounted for and fixed them. I was really amazed at the solutions they had, all of which added to my confidence in their skill. I solidly believe that this kitchen will outlast the house.

Having a firm like Barron & Jacobs take on this project worked perfectly for us. They aligned all the right people at the right time so no time was lost waiting for the electrician or the plumber or anybody. All the correct permits were taken out and inspections were done, with little or no effort on our part, which is no mean feat considering Granville’s town hall is only open on Monday nights.

Before the project started we sat down with Tom and went through all the costs and the payment process. So we knew what was coming. I was surprised that, for the most part, even though the project had unaccounted for problems (some pretty expensive ones), only one thing added to the bottom line.

So now I’ll get back to the original thought. This kitchen is great. It is so well laid out that everything automatically goes where it belongs. There is no “where should I put this or where should I put that?”. My husband and I are looking up new recipes and vying for kitchen time just so we can hang around in there. I love it, my spouse loves it, and we are very happy to have had Barron & Jacobs do the work.

Thomas and Claire Lovell

Dear Jake, I haven’t forgotten you and your crew, I managed to get the interior of the sunroom painted and finished on time for annual Oktoberfest 21 – September 10 and had around 60 guests. All noted the newly rebuilt sunroom made quite an impression. Especially on the quality of construction.

HISTORY – We had an all glass sunroom (Mfg. Sunplace, based in VT) that was erected by (Windward Custom Energy System of Hadley MA) both of which have gone belly up.

We came to see you (Jake) at the Home Show at the Big E this past spring to seek your help and input. Knowing that Barron & Jacobs was the largest dealer for “Sunplace” and your company has a good reputation. We had problems with water leaks, glass panels were getting foggy, some filling with water and water leaks by the slider which rotted our floor. We arranged an appointment with you after the Home Show, for you to review our Sunroom and see if you could help us. Upon your inspection, it was determined that there were numerous problems attributed to the poor construction and erection by “Windward” and therefore could not be saved.

You offered an alternate that was to demo the existing room. Replacing it with a new conventional constructed room and returned the same evening with a drawing of your proposed room and we agreed on a contract.

CONSTRUCTION – The outcome is amazing, working with your site crew, “Ken Hanks”, “Big Bob” (Bob Wasilauski) and Project Manager Bill Bonini was a total pleasure. Their attention to detail during construction was the best we have experienced.

The result is, that we now have a sunroom that we can totally enjoy; construction of the room is awesome. Due to the construction and insulation the new sunroom stays cooler in the hot weather and warmer in the cool weather. We anticipate quite a bit of energy savings as a result. Thanks again.

Klaus and Elaine Feuerstein

Dear Jake and Dave, it is a pleasure to write this letter in support of Barron & Jacobs.

We are thrilled with our new siding, shutters, gutters and windows. The house looks terrific and feels far more energy efficient. Of course, we are biased toward its appearance, having been well aware of the decline of the original siding – but, truly, many of our visitors notice it as well. (One of my daughter’s friends commented on two separate occasions that the house looked much improved… Imagine how nice the siding must look to capture the attention of an 18-year-old!)

The execution of the project went very smoothly. We have nothing but praise for Anatoly and his crew. They were consistent, conscientious, and courteous. We actually missed them when they left.

Although we had a very tight budget for this project, it was clear to us from the start that working with Barron & Jacobs would be a sound investment in our home. I was reminded of an adage my father instilled in us when we were younger: “You get what you pay for.” As you know, we consulted with a number of contractors before we chose your company. Although your bid was in fact the highest we received, the scope of work you outlined seemed to us to be the most complete and most cost-effective. This proved to be so: we feel confident that every dollar was well-spent.

You proved yourselves to be honest, knowledgeable, thorough – and generous. Less than a week after you completed work on our home, we were visited by a late-night, would-be intruder, who scared us half to death and broke off our outdoor spotlight, to boot. When we phoned to ask if you would price a replacement light, Barron & Jacobs offered to replace the light at no cost to us. This kind gesture confirmed for us what we had already decided: Barron & Jacobs is a class act.

We hope you will add us to your long list of very satisfied customers. With thanks and best wishes in the New Year!

Julie Rapoport and Carlos Oliva

Dear Chris, just a quick note of thanks to you for your quick response today when I called with Jim Parent’s concerns with the snow load on his roof here at Wynnfield and the puncture he has in his kitchen ceiling. I hardly expected that within an hour of my call you would be here to look at it. I know Jim and his wife also appreciate your quick response.

Not only did you respond quickly, but also you went above and beyond by climbing up to the attic and giving your advise based upon what you observed. I know Jim has been concerned and I think much of this concern stems from his engineering background. My wife and I are also grateful and thank you for taking the time to look at the crack in our kitchen ceiling and climbing up into the scuttle from our closet to take a look around. We appreciate your taking your time to do this for us.

Our entire community is very fortunate we hired you to do the work on unit 8 & 9 in the late fall. I have been remiss in not thanking you properly for the professionalism and concern your crew took when they were working here. They worked in some very adverse weather conditions and kept some very late nights in order to insure we were in good shape before the bad weather hit us. Stopping and talking with them each day they were here, I was particularly impressed with the manner in which they handled themselves. They were polite, courteous and always willing to answer any questions I posed of them. The crew is a credit to your organization for which you can be proud.

Thank you again Chris for your time and cooperation.

Evan and Roberta Mattson

Barron & Jacobs replaced the wood siding on our house and garage with Hardee Plank siding, along with all the trim, which they wrapped with aluminum. They provided 2 exterior doors, one of which was custom made. They blew in cellulose insulation before they did the siding. They installed new decorative shutters on the front of the house. On our front porch, Barron & Jacobs removed, fixed, and reinstalled screens, using stronger tiger screening. They scraped and repainted the existing paint and stained the front steps and the added wood banister. In the kitchen, our wood cabinetry was restained. The back porch was power washed, the floors and steps restained, and the rails were painted.

The whole project went extremely well. Chris Jacobs came to see us several times before we signed any contracts. He was helpful, patient, and willing to fully answer all our questions: a real professional. He introduced us to the men who would be overseeing this project. Each of them was equally helpful and professional. Chris gave us a timeline for when the work would begin and approximately how long it would take to complete, and he followed it. Unlike other contractors we’ve used in the past, Chris was as good as his word. The men who did the work for us arrived promptly every day, unless there was rain. They worked until late in the afternoon and cleaned up after themselves. Chris himself came over almost every day to speak to his men and check on their progress, so if we had any questions, he was always available. When all the work was completed in mid-August, Chris returned several times to make sure that we were satisfied. When we found any problems, however small, he had his men take care of them immediately. He has assured us that if any problems arise in the future, we can call on him.

Clearly Barron & Jacobs is a company that takes pride in and stands behind its work. My husband and I would gladly recommend Barron & Jacobs to anyone considering house renovation.

Betty Mitchell

Dear Jake, even though my renovation has just started, I want to let you know how happy I am that Rachel pointed me your way when I visited this summer and that I selected you guys for the job.

I didn’t want to wait for my renovation to be complete to thank you for making the upfront process so stress free, and for spending countless hours shopping with me (through several changes of my mind), to be sure that each design element is exactly what I envision and want. I know this hasn’t been easy since, when I first contacted you several months ago, I had virtually no idea what I wanted done and I’ve changed my mind several times since. 🙂 But you helped me to create the vision and I am so excited as the transformation is about to begin.

Not only have you been great to work with but Greg and Sandy as well. I want to thank them, too, for doing everything possible to provide a relaxed pre-construction experience and provide me with the engineering drawings, catalogues and price sheets (and numerous reiterations of the same) that I have requested. And no matter how tiring it must have become, I am so grateful that it was always done with a smile.

I also want to thank you for the extra personal touches that you have provided – things that I imagine may be outside the scope of your normal construction job – like, when you found out I didn’t have a car, immediately taking my screen door to be fixed so that I could open my door and enjoy the beautiful Northampton fall weather.

Please be sure to add me to your long list of satisfied customers and don’t hesitate to share my phone number with anyone looking for references.


Hello Chris, I wanted to write to you about how pleased we are with the project that you handled for us. Our house had no space to enjoy the outdoors except a covered but open front porch, which we came to you with our plan to convert it into a three season sun room.

It was important to us that this addition blend in as much as possible to the original design since it was the front of the house. There was also the issue that the front profile of the porch had a soft curve on both the roof and the concrete slab floor, that defined its total width. Even the large squared support pillars were oriented in their position along the wide front curve.

You had to figure out how to build a set of large straight windows, walls, and door frame along that curve, while retaining as much as possible of a fairly narrow space. Our original front doors also were framed by a single row of eight inch glass blocks that you incorporated into the lower wall of the new enclosure as well. We wanted the front to be clean and had selected double frame-less glass doors to complete it. You also suggested a couple of ceiling fans which were really helpful to make the space much more enjoyable.

Various members of your crew and support team came out to work out the layout carefully, as well as exactly how it would be executed. Once you secured the necessary permits and plans, and construction began, your builders Ken, Bob and Don showed up as scheduled and on time; working steadily, no matter how hot it got during that particular late summer. On a couple of separate occasions, one or the other even stayed late to finish that stage of construction so as not to delay the next day’s new stage of scheduled work.

Everyone always paid attention to the details along the way, and made small modifications that improved the project overall, while everyone kept me informed. Their work was professional and of high caliber, as well as the work of the mason, the electrician, the floor tile installer, and the painter you also hired. Careful thought was executed to the very end as they all worked out how the final trim work would be finished on this custom design.

The project took a little longer than planned, but only due to issues that were outside your own control. In the end the wait was well worth it, because we would be proud of what you had built for us. Alexandra and I now have a lovely sun room, right off our living room, that we will enjoy for many years to come, and we wanted to thank everyone involved in our little sun room that you treated like a project of the highest priority.

Harry Nault

Dear Jake, we would like to say what a good experience we had with (1) the designer Kevin, (2) with the construction team on our three season room.

First with the demolition, removing our old screen porch and foundation, all the debris was removed in a couple of days and cleaned up extremely well.

Next the building of the three season room, we cannot say enough about Bob Sperry as our Project Manager. Bob made sure the work was done right to our specifications and then some. The crew (Bob, George and John) were here everyday regardless of the weather, hot cool, or wet.

Bob Sperry was very patient with us when we had a concern over the type of floor we wanted and any other concerns and questions we had. We feel Bob treated our project as if it was his own. We are very pleased to have Barron & Jacobs build our three season room.

AS we had many friends see our room in progress and finished, everyone, including us, were pleased with the workmanship and our windows and skylights. The room is pretty cool even on very warm days. We have been using our room ever since it was completed. We are also very pleased with other contractors that you have recommended.

We are very happy with our decision to have Barron & Jacobs build our room. Also you are one of the few contractors to have all your paperwork and permits in advance to performing the work.

Andrea and Richard Witek

Just a note to thank you, John, Peter and Bob for a job well done. We are very happy with the new front stoop/porch; it looks like it was part of the house’s “original equipment”. John and Peter blazed a lot of “new trails” on this job, working with new materials and custom cutting and fitting virtually every piece of the construction. The most notable quality was the excellent patience they demonstrated to ensure that the end product was indeed of high quality.

Thanks, too, for the great Harry & David gift box. All the goodies were thoroughly enjoyed over the holidays. Our best wishes to everyone at Barron & Jacobs for a happy and prosperous new year.

Dave and Jeanie Trader

We would like to take this opportunity to thank every one who helped with our kitchen remodel. From our first meeting with Kevin, we knew we had found the right contractor/designer for the job. Kevin presented us with plans that addressed all our wishes and needs, and even added some ideas we would not have considered.

Once work began on our house, we were truly impressed with the level of care and craftsmanship from the crew. Chris, Jim, Harry and Karen were very considerate of the fact that I was trying to get my kids off to school in the morning and needed some access to the kitchen area. There was someone on the job every day until the project was completed and they left the job site very neat at the end of each day. This was important to me as I had to be able to make dinner in the work zone most evenings. The work crew was dedicated to providing us with a high level of wality in their workmanship and took the time to do even the small things carefully.

It has been two months since work was completed on the start of our kitchen remodel. Barron & Jacobs have given us a strong foundation to buld on, and we can now continue the work on our own knowing our old house will stand the test of time. We look forward to working with Barron & Jacobs in the future on phases II and III of our ongoing renovations.

Tom and Brenda Walker

Dear Barron & Jacobs, last spring my husband and I attended the Home Show in West Springfield. We were thinking about building a screened in porch/deck onto our home, but the roof lines made it somewhat difficult to design. We spoke with Kevin Hayes who later followed up with us, spending a lot of time assessing our needs and tastes. He presented to us several options with plans in various dimensions and building materials and price ranges. He talked to us about financing. He gave long lists of references and similar projects to visit. We never felt pressured and he always was willing to take calls for questions. This was not really a project of major scale for your business, but for us it was huge.

Once the building began in August on the projected date, things moved along under the direction of Project Manager, Bob Sperry. He was reachable, open to suggestions and willing to discuss and explain things. Two suggestions particularly came from him: 1) a mahogany top on the cedar railing on the deck was stunning. 2) a finished ceiling on the porch was essential.

Kevin’s suggestion of “artistic enclosure” plexiglass coverings for the screens was wonderful, and, although not making it a true 3 season porch, extends the usage and protects furniture for the winter. The design of the porch and deck were elegant, but blended well with our modest and somewhat eclectic home style.

Any problems that arose were dealt with by Bob and his staff, and by Kevin. Bob came back one evening after the project was completed to sand down the porch door that had begun sticking. I am confident that should there be any problem, it would be dealt with by Barron & Jacobs.

I did feel a lack of guidance in finishing/sealing the wood (cedar/mahogany/pine) on the deck/porch floor/porch walls and ceiling. I was referred, even by Mr. Barron himself, to the employee of the day at Home Depot where I was given options of polyurethane, oil sealant or oil sealant with silicone. I did use the latter on the floor/deck and, much to my dismay, found it almost impossible to apply and fairly toxic in inhale. The wood, however, seems to be okay.

Needless to say, we are looking forward to the spring and summer to really enjoy our new space. However, today, November 30, we, (campers that we are) with the plexiglass enclosures all in place, enjoyed a wonderful brunch on the porch … Thank you.

Susan Shepherd and David Morse

Dear Jake, I wanted to drop you a quick note albeit a very late one. First, thank you for sending Bob and Jason up to work on the water pipe into the cabin. I truly did not expect that but am most grateful that I didn’t have to mess with that project. Your willingness to come back to a job after the fact speaks volumes about the way you do business.

Now for the update. Donna and I spent last weekend in the house. The temperature ranged from a low of minus 12 degrees to a high of plus 8. Needless to say it also snowed and the wind blew just a little (gusts of 40 mph). To say we were comfortable is putting it mildly. Everything worked the way it is supposed to, the house stayed very comfortable and we were finally able to enjoy the vision we had when we decided to do the modernization. Even with, or maybe because of, the storm we had a truly marvelous time even if the kids couldn’t come and enjoy it also as we had planned.

Once again, thank you for all you did from designing the modernization to the construction to the ongoing support you have provided. All the best for the New Year.

Stephen H. Burrall, Jr.

Our experience from our first contact with Kevin Hayes at the Spring Home Show to the completion of our 3-season room has been a very positive one. We were pleased with Kevin’s plan, all of workmen, the quality of materials used and the professional workmanship demonstrated by the crew. This all made for a pleasant experience with Barron & Jacobs and we are enjoying our room.

Thanks for a good job well done!

Brewster Sturtevant

It has been eight months since Barron & Jacobs completed work on our home renovations, and both Joseph and I want to tell you and you employees how much we have been enjoying the changes. The improvements look wonderful and your crews did a superb job. We would like to single out carpenters Dave, Bob and Sean, and the men who did the siding, Dimitri and Paul. They all showed special consideration, and went more than an extra mile to be sure that we were pleased with the quality of their work.

Everyone who has visited us has commented about the fine craftsmanship and professionalism in everything that was done. The many alterations and improvements to the office has changed the room from being the coldest in the house to the warmest during the winter months. I am thrilled with my new work space.

Please be sure to thank Dave, Bob and Sean, and let us know if we can provide references.

Bruce Carson

Chris and Kevin, just wanted to touch base with you both and tell you how happy we are with our kitchen/living/dining renovations. Dave did a great job coordinating everything with the subcontractors. It was a pleasure having him as part of our family for 3 months. WE also enjoyed having Jim, Bob and I think Glenn was his name. They were all easy to work with and were very patient with Bill’s father-in-law who has dementia.

I’m sure he didn’t mention it, but Dave saved my future sister-in-law’s life early during construction – I think sometime early September – anyway, she got her finger caught in their garage door – they live across the road from us – Dave could hear her cries for help and ran across the road and pried the garage door open to release her finger – I rushed her to the emergency room and thankfully she was fine – no broken bones in the finger.

We loved the brightness in the kitchen area now – Bill’s kids tell us it’s the new party spot. Oh boy!! The French doors are great and fun to decorate for Christmas.

We wish you and your staff a Merry Christmas and look forward to calling you for our next home renovation.

Libby Bridge

It might be afternoon or evening, each of us absorbed in a book, and one of us in the household will voice our feeling: “What a really nice room this is!” The construction of a 20′ x 40′ cathedral-ceiling living room, a deck the same size with a ramp on two sides, and a 20′ screened-in porch was completed a little over a year ago. And we are still excited about it!

We wanted to have the exterior as “woody” as possible, so the deck, ramp, clapboard frontage, and porch exterior are of raw cedar. The porch and deck flooring are mahogany. These areas are all accessible to the new living room which is open to the house.

A through-the-ceiling-and-roof window on the east side compliments six windows and a glass slider in the living room. An overhead fan and propane stove keep us comfortable in all seasons.

That’s the physical aspect of Barron & Jacobs’ construction. The human contact was something extra. The workers were friendly and skilled; getting to know them was fun. We learned more than a little.

Credit for getting the project off the ground and replacing unsound notions with experience-based suggestions is due to Barron & Jacobs’ President. He kept alive in us a sense of positive participation. Warm gratitude goes to Cecil R. Jacobs, President of Barron & Jacobs, who answers to “Jake”.

George J.W. Pennington

Dear Chris, we are very pleased with the results and look forward to enjoying the additional space. Please give our thanks to Glenn Colby for doing a super job on this room and on the other carpentry projects around the house. Glenn was extremely professional and we felt fortunate to have him working on our house. It was also a pleasure working with Tom Dadmun who did a great job with the planning. On eof the reasons that we chose Barron & Jacobs was the time and attention that Tom put in to the initial estimate. We made the right choice and it was great working with Barron & Jacobs because of the professionalism and responsiveness of everyone that we dealt with.

Thanks again for a job well done!

Amir and Jennifer Zulfiquar

Hi Chris, Sandy and I wish to thank you for the excellent job that Barron & Jacobs did in converting our living room into a master bath and office. You personally were always on top of what had to be done next. You communicated our needs superbly with the plumber, electrician and your crew. Lastly, you were always available to talk to on the phone.

Sean deserves special recognition because he was involved with all ph ases of the project. He worked well with the plumber and electrician as well as with the rest of your crew. He was willing to tackle any task and did a superb job at whatever he did.

Lastly, I want to thank Greg for the wonderful job he did on the tub surround. He was a true craftsman and did a great job with all of the finish work.

Bill and Sandy Shea

Jake, as of this date, we have some painting to be done and our sunroom project will be completed. It has been an interesting process and the final result is one that pleases Marcia and me. It should please you as well.

WE want you to know that your construction crew has done a fine job. The quality matches up to our expectations and that manifests itself in our enjoyment of the sunroom already and our perception of the value received. John, Bob and Shawn teamed up to construct a very attractive addition to our home.

John did well as a project leader as he kept us informed of what was going on and what was coming. He gave us ample time to make decisions along the way. He continuously demonstrated effective customer relations skills.

Bob must be recognized as the real architect of our sunroom. This eight sided room was complex in design and he brought it from paper to reality. While some might say he was slow, Marcia and I are grateful for his conscientiousness and thoughtful approach. You should be too, as he was the classic example of measuring twice and cutting once. He didn’t waste any material along the way. He was the guy who thought about all the angles that were an integral part of the octagonal sunroom construction. As a customer, I could sleep at night knowing he was anticipating what was coming and what the best approach would be.

Shawn did a great job working with Bob. The angled window sill and the exterior surfaces can be credited to Shawn. He was making every attempt to make his cuts just right. The final result was very professional.

While this project took longer to complete than I expected, and, perhaps, you as well, it was because John, Bog and Shawn strived to build a fine example of a Barron & Jacobs high quality product. As I recall in a “sales” meeting with you, that is what you were marketing. Your construction crew delivered what you promised. I hope they will be recognized and rewarded for their work.

By the way, your martini is waiting. Just let me know when you want to enjoy it and our new sunroom.

Roger and Marcia Abate

Dear Chris, we just want to express our delight with the new addition your firm has completed for us. From the first day we spoke with Tom it was apparent that your company maintains the highest professional standards. He arrived fully prepared to help us explore and develop the details of the room we were imagining. He even had some samples of materials in his car!

Throughout the construction process every person who worked on this project displayed not only the level of skill and expertise one would hope for, but genuine friendliness as well. We really feel that our new room is a work of art with the many fine details that were implemented by the talented, professional staff that you employ. Needless to say, we will recommend Barron & Jacobs to all of our friends and acquaintances considering a building project.

Again, accept our praise and gratitude for a job superbly done!

Paul and Beth Coombs

Dear Kevin, Rick and I want you and the Barron & Jacobs staff to know how happy we are with our second floor master bed and bath suite. Now that the project is complete and we have been able to spend time in our new space it’s clear that we did the right thing. More importantly, choosing Barron & Jacobs to do this project was definitely the best decision we made.

Your creative design expertise gave us the best possible floor plan for the available space. When we were told “not to worry that Barron & Jacobs would take care of everything” including mishaps, and there were a few, we found you true to your word and for that we are grateful. When you offered to accompany us to the tile, bath, cabinet and rug places we accepted and were glad for your designer eye to things. Knowing we had a limited budget and big ideas, you were most helpful in being creative with cost, allowing us to get the most out of this project. We greatly appreciated your patience and willingness to incorporate our changes throughout the project. We found your calm, patient, and reassuring manner made communication easy and provided a comfort level with you and the company that is so important in a business relationship.

Greg, our Project Manager, was a perfectionist and a highly skilled craftsman. He was personable and great to have around everyday and you couldn’t have matched us more perfectly. Greg’s carpentry skills and attention to detail produced high quality results including an awesome job on the master bath floor with its challenging designer tiles and the curved trim work on the triple arch bedroom window. Greg’s expert craftsmanship is displayed throughout the two rooms and is immediately noticed by everyone who visits. There were many situations during this project for which Greg found creative solutions and his patience and responsiveness to cheerfully make changes on the fly was wonderful.

Chris, our Project Coordinator, was tireless and relentless in his quest to coordinate the subcontractors and answer our endless questions. He never once sounded like he was out of patience with us even when we needed to call him late one night. When a heating pipe leaked Chris came to the house immediately, evaluated the situation and assured us that it would be taken care of to our satisfaction. He was true to his word. Even Mr. Jacobs arrived first thing the next morning to look at the problem and assure us that they would make things right. This speaks volumes to the level of commitment of Barron & Jacobs to provide quality work and service to their clients.

Special thanks to Jimmy for his efforts to keep our floors and carpets clean during the project and most of all for doing the initial cleaning of our new windows. We just want him to know he can come back anytime and do the windows again if he needs practice!

In closing we want to say again how much we love our beautiful new space. This was without a doubt the best experience we have ever had with a remodeling project and we are thankful we chose Barron & Jacobs. Your skilled craftsman, team work approach, level of commitment and responsiveness to your clients give you the ability to provide the high quality of service that we received … don’t change a thing.

We won’t hesitate to call you again when we are ready to have additional work done. We have and will continue to recommend Barron & Jacobs to anyone who wants to listen!

Richard and Linda Stanley

Justine and I wanted to touch base with you and the crew to tell you how pleased we are with our newly remodeled kitchen and sunroom addition. The project has gotten rave reviews from our family and friends. As a retired Project Engineer from Pratt & Whitney Division of UTC I was initially apprehensive about undertaking a project of this scope because of bad experiences others have had with this kind of work. My fears were soon relieved as the design phase and technical discussions progressed. As construction commenced, I was very impressed with the quality of the work, selection of materials, selection of suppliers and excellence of the sub-contractors. As the project progressed, several extras were added at my request at no additional cost.

Our Project Manager, David Paulsen, is a true craftsman and a very meticulous worker (I thought I was fussy). I learned a lot from Dave about how things are done and the right way to do them. From the pouring of the sunroom footings, coordination the sub-contractors and to the installation of the finish trim work Dave can do it all. Dave was at the job site every day and even worked some Saturdays to keep on schedule. The work area was always kept clean and the inconveniences to our every day life were minimal. As the project progressed, Dave and his very able assistants Rich and Tom soon became like family to us and we looked forward to seeing them each day.

We feel very fortunate to have selected Barron & Jacobs for our project and would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone.

Kenneth and Justine Witek

Dear Barron & Jacobs, Diane and I just wanted to thank all of the people involved in our renovation project for an exceptional job. Given the scope and amount of money involved to complete the project, we were on the fence as to whether or not to do it. We couldn’t be happier with the results. The quality of work and attention to detail was top notch. We also appreciated being able to make small changes to things, as needed, to make it all come together.

Everyone went out of their way to make life as close to normal as possible during the project. Even our shy cat got used to having strangers around each day. There were no major glitches to speak of, and those small ones were handled as quickly as possible to everyone’s satisfaction. It was quite interesting to see how the whole thing comes together in the end.

We will certainly recommend y our services to any of our friends who are considering a remodel. If any potential clients want to see the work you did at our home, please let us know. We would be happy to show them your fine work.

Diane and Jeff Kontoff

Dear Jake, we want you to know how pleased we are with our completed project which consisted of a kitchen addition to provide an open floor plan, a new deck and changes to the house facade as well as much needed new roofing and siding.

Our first contact at Barron & Jacobs was with Kelly. We explained our frustrations at not being able to reach a satisfactory solution with previous design attempts. Kelly’s personality and confidence in being able to find a solution for us convinced us to enter the design phase. When Kevin and Kelly presented the proposed design complete with computer renderings all within budget, it seemed like the answer to our dreams – and that is what the end result has become. We appreciate Kelly’s design as well as his work during the project on the permitting process, help in choosing materials, being a financial manager and for his patience, understanding and flexibility in working with us to make decisions.

The success of the construction was in large part due to Dave, our Construction Manager. Dave was a perfect match for us and was a pleasure to watch and work with for the length of the project. He did a great job of coordinating the project and is a highly skilled craftsman who was able to find solutions for some aspects of the work that were technically difficult. His professionalism and patience in working with us were most appreciated. The construction project was completed within the projected time. Dave had help from Tom, Rick and Robert and a second Tom. Each was very personable and brought his unique skills to the job site.

We appreciate the decision-making and coordinating done by Chris as General Manager of Construction as well as his suggestions for materials and design details. Thanks too, to Sandy, for accurately processing the invoices and the nice touch of a “Thank you” on each.

Barron & Jacobs also did well in selecting the many subcontractors who worked on our project. All were personable and skilled in their trade. To single out two: the drywall contractor helped us make our decision on ceiling texture by inviting us to his and his brother’s houses to see several textured ceilings. The siding contractor was exceptionally skilled at his work and was helpful in showing us options to achieve the desired effects.

We love our new space and the new look of the house. This accomplishment was a very positive experience for us and we are thankful that we chose Barron & Jacobs for the design and construction. We were constantly reminded that Barron & Jacobs was there to satisfy us.

Please feel free to use us as a reference for your outstanding services and personnel. It’s a pleasure to do business with a firm that adheres to the, now unusual, idea that a service business exists to please the customer as well as offer an excellent product.

Thank you for a job superbly done.

Richard and Gloria Carver

Dear Kevin, it all started when we first met you at the Home Show in Hartford, CT a little over a year ago. Never did we dream that our porch could be transformed into a room that looks as if it were a part of the original architecture of our home and yet have the modern conveniences of a new room with the best of windows, floor tile design, and entrance into our home. We are able to use the room far more than we were able to use it prior to the improvement. Our neighbors, friends and guests all comment on how the room adds so much to our home.

The best part of all was the professionalism of the Barron & Jacobs team who made it all happen. It was your initial design that made us so excited about what could happen. It was artisanship of Thomas in designing the tile on the floor, the attention to detail to the point that everything was custom built on site so as to match the design of the rest of the house, the commitment to a clean work area at the end of the day, the sensitivity to our personal schedule, caring for our cat with the same attention as if it were their own pet, the concern for the safe removal of the squirrels that were living in the eaves on our walkway and the on the spot ideas along the way that resulted in a more livable room.

It was a very pleasant experience and we are excited with the end result. We would highly recommend Barron & Jacobs. Again, we want to single out Thomas for a job very well done. Thank you Barron & Jacobs!!

Brian and Flo Fisher

Dear Jake, Just a belated note to tell you how pleased we are with the kitchen renovation that your firm handled. Everyone was very professional and Tom Dadmun was outstanding as a support system for us. He was there whenever we needed him and endlessly patient – going over our choices, offering suggestions and bringing us around to all the suppliers and showrooms. Any concerns we had were promptly addressed to our satisfaction. We particularly appreciate all the time and effort Greg Irwin put in as Project Manager – he was punctual, professional and respectful of our property.

We’re so glad we chose you guys. We’re planning further renovations and of course we’ll call you when we’re ready to jump in again. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Barron & Jacobs and in fact have already done so. Thanks for everything.

Roger and Ellen

Dear Kevin, Lucille and I want to express our appreciation for the excellent work of you and your company in designing and constructing our new entry way. Your creativity and attention to detail provided us with an aesthetically pleasing structure with which we have been so pleased. The outstanding craftsmanship of your carpenters, Fran and Tom, brought your ideas to life with absolute perfection. We especially appreciated the fact that the entire job was completed within budget and on schedule. Thank you very much.

Richard and Lucille Halgin

Dear Kevin, this is just a note to thank you and the staff at Barron & Jacobs for the excellent work on our house.

We had a problem with our front porch that bothered us over the years – the lack of any overhand or other covering over our front door and porch. We talked with other architects and contractors about the problem, but none had a solution that was satisfactory to us.

Barron & Jacobs solved our problem. You analyzed our situation and came up with a design for a portico for our front porch that was both architecturally pleasing and functional.

Your construction people did an outstanding job on the construction of the portico from start to finish. There are no unfinished details which is always a mark of a good builder. You brought in the final cost of the job right on estimates. Having design and construction capability under the same roof was a real plus. We have received numerous compliments on our “new” front porch.

Again, our thanks to you and the staff at Barron & Jacobs.

Dean and Mary Rogeness

Dear Kelly and Chris, we wanted to let you and everyone at Barron & Jacobs know how happy we are with our new attic home office. The project turned out beautifully, giving Shawn a great new work space in our home and drawing big compliments from everyone who has come over to see it.

We were really pleased with our entire experience with Barron & Jacobs. The renovation was amazingly non-disruptive and we really appreciated your commitment to being on time and your consistent communication throughout the project. The project had very few glitches, but any that did come up were dealt with promptly and professionally, so that they caused virtually no delays. Everyone who worked here was really professional and pleasant and we were happy to have them in our home.

We thank you for a job very well done, and would be glad to show our new office to anyone considering such a project. We would – and will – recommend Barron & Jacobs very enthusiastically.

Elizabeth and Shawn Shimpach

Dear Kevin, I hope at some point in time you’ll come by and see the finished project. I continue to get ooohs and aaahs when anyone sees the house for the first time. Short of a few changes in drawer configuration in the kitchen (only working in this bigger kitchen made me realize that) I can’t think of anything I would change about the entire project.

You guys are the best! I hope you’ll feel comfortable using Mal or me as a reference at any time.

Mal and Sally Schneider

Dear Jake, until recently I believed that the home renovation process was expensive, stressful and messy and having workmen in my home would make my life hectic. You can imagine then, how pleased and impressed I was with the thoughtful professionals that you sent to modernize my kitchen.

I could not have asked for a more patient gentleman than Fran. He treated me respectfully and with great courtesy. I was impressed at how proud Chris, Fran and Jim were to be a part of Barron & Jacobs and that pride was evident in their workmanship. The entire project was complete within my budget.

The impressive style in which you handled my renovation – from pricing to installation – will bring me back to you in the future. I am a very satisfied customer.

Tiny Bardzik

Dear Jake, I wish to offer you my heartfelt thanks for your help with my kitchen remodeling. How fortunate for me that you have such wonderful connections in the wholesale market and are willing to pass those wholesale prices on to me.

I could not be more delighted with the outcome of my project and look forward to showing off these improvements when my family comes for Thanksgiving next month.

Justine Bardzik

Perched on a terrace overlooking a bit of the Connecticut river valley, with unobstructed views of the Mt. Tom and Mt. Holyoke ranges, is a beautifully crafted hexagonal screen porch. Rustic inside with beautiful woods, it blends perfectly outside with the original whitewashed brick 75 year old Georgian style house.

We are most grateful to the skills of the craftsmen who made the ideas become a reality, and most grateful to Barron & Jacobs for organizing everything. Our new porch will provide countless hours of enjoyment, thanks to you! It is precisely what we wanted!

Bob and Jean Hazen

Dear Jake, I think it goes without saying that I am absolutely delighted with the outstanding work Barron & Jacobs did in updating my house. Nonetheless I thought I should formally express my sincere thanks. From expert design to careful supervision to skilled craftsmanship, your firm performed flawlessly. I am thrilled with the results and am happy to report that they regularly receive compliments from visitors.

Professionally I’ve had the privilege of working with some of the world’s leading architectural firms. I’m pleased to put my experience with Barron & Jacobs in that same league. I look forward to recommending your services to others.

Bellamy Schmidt

Dear Mr. Jacobs, how grateful I have been this winter for your company’s excellent construction of our screen porch built in the late 1980s.

The man who climbed up on the porch roof to rake off 2 feet of snow said it was on of the sturdiest of the over 50 he had shoveled. “This porch was built to last!”, he declared.

It has been enjoyed for almost 25 years now, and I am confident with his evaluation it will be standing for many more. Thank you for the many years we have treasured this addition to our home.

Barbara Noland

To everyone at Barron & Jacobs, thank you so much for the trim repair to our room this summer. It blends in and looks great!

George and Denise Price

My 100 year old, 5th floor condo presented some unique challenges and the job took a bit longer than anticipated. However, the high quality workmanship that went into each detail made it well worth the wait and having a Project Manager on-site daily to coordinate the multi-faceted renovation and deal with my last minute changes was a huge plus. My previously 1915 original condo is now the beautiful and modern space I hoped it would become and more. Everyone at Barron & Jacobs was fantastic to work with going above and beyond to satisfy this sometimes admittedly difficult customer. I can’t thank them or recommend them enough.

Karen Spindel

We are quite pleased with our new deck and the attitude and quality of your crew. Not only are they skilled carpenters but they offered thoughtful and intelligent suggestions when asked. They discovered a flaw in the railing material we had initially instructed you to use; and, as a result, upon their and your suggestion we chose another similarly priced material. The finished railing is not only well constructed, but very attractive. Yours and their advice was on the spot! Should we have need of any more work you can be certain we will call Barron & Jacobs.

Barbara and Peter Reitt

Andy of Barron & Jacobs did a great job designing and managing my renovation project. He brought ideas to the table, coordinated the team of flooring installers, carpenters and painters, was a good communicator, and accommodated my personal schedule. The crew also did a good job containing the mess and making sure the rest of the house remained livable during the project.

Jeff Holden

We used Barron & Jacobs to remodel our kitchen. It was a 12-week process, basically from July to October. This was for moving doors, moving windows, fixing termite damage and moving the basement stairs. It was not just remodeling, it was a major overhaul of the house.

It was pretty pricey, but this wasn’t just the kitchen. They were outstanding! I was happy with the work. It became a lot more than we anticipated when we started because of termite damage and some other things that it became a really extensive project. It turned out fantastic! They are not the cheapest people in the market, they will be pricey, but the quality of the work is exceptional. You definitely get what you pay for with them. It’s extraordinary workmanship.

Donna Dunn

Barron & Jacobs added a beautiful hexagon porch to our 1938 Georgian style brick house. It blends perfectly, because of their imaginative design services, yet gives us the touch of rusticity that we wanted by a combination of natural finish woods – cedar uprights, mahogany floor, pine ceiling.

From start to finish, we were 100% pleased. We had amicable discussions, and they reciprocated with imaginative design. When the work began, it all went as scheduled. The team was pleasant and cleaned up nicely at the end of each day. The workmanship was excellent, and the porch has withstood hurricanes and heavy snow with no ill effects. We are just absolutely happy with what they did for us.

Jean Hazen

I hired Barron & Jacobs to build a ramp for me so I could use my walked to get to and from my back patio deck. They did an excellent job. The workers Don and Ken showed up everyday, weather permitting. Friendly and efficient, cleaned up after themselves. I am totally satisfied with the job that they did. Chris and Andy who designed the ramp, did not just put on some ready-made ramp, they designed something that went perfect with the architecture of my home. It’s not only practical to use, but also aesthetically pleasing to look at. It was not inexpensive, but well worth the investment.

Betty Mitchell

Barron & Jacobs designed and built a custom screened porch and one-car garage. They were responsive, friendly, very professional and concerned that we were pleased as the project went forward. I would use them again.

Meredith McCarran

Dear team at Barron & Jacobs,

We so appreciate your fine craftmanship, pride in your work and friendly presence – both working on our front porch to make it three-season and giving my husband great recommendations for a plumber, tilers and a mason. We are very grateful and recommend you often. Wishing you and yours a very happy holiday season!

Alexandra Ottaway

Quite expensive but well worth it. Barron & Jacobs maintained a clean workplace, do what they say they are going to do, and stand behind their work fixing what little may go wrong promptly and well.

John DeWeese

Dear Jake, even though our remodeling and addition project is not yet finished, I want to take a moment and tell you how pleased Doug and I have been so far with the way the project has progressed: Since we first met with you Jake and took this step to go ahead with an addition we had for several years envisioned, both of us felt a connection and sense that this was a “meant to be” opportunity. From the day you rolled out your drawing of the ideas we had shared with you, and I nearly jumped with joy in seeing that you captured so much of what we hoped for, which showed us how astutely you heard our needs, wants, and our dreams, we have never once had any second thoughts about our decision to put our home into your company’s hands. Not to minimize the disruption this type of remodeling and addition project causes, but considering that we are at present living in quite a bit of chaos (actually organized chaos), we are managing well and things are flowing quite smoothly.

One major reason that our project is progressing as smoothly as it is, is because of your wonderful crew! I cannot begin to tell you what talented, professional, pleasant workers John, Brian, George, Chris and Glen are. (Though Glen was here only for a few days we are looking forward to having him back soon to do the finish work.) I have total confidence in John Guz, our Project Manager. Knowing John is in charge relieves me of worries or concerns I might otherwise have. He listens to my questions and comments and never makes me feel as if I am bothering him. He has a quiet, thoughtful way of managing, observing and making sure all goes according to plan. He is able to not only see the big picture but pays attention to details that might otherwise be missed. As the manager he maintains a comfortable and calm working environment amidst the sound of saws, hammers, etc. and to our benefit that makes for a happy group of workers. There has not been a day when we thought that more could have been accomplished. Each day continues to demonstrate how well these men work together. They know what their strengths are and each one has added his own special way of bringing his talent to our house.

All members of Barron & Jacobs work as a team. Every concern we have voiced, whether in person or over the phone, was quickly addressed and a solution presented. Waiting for something to be done never even came close to an unreasonable amount of time. Kathy is always pleasant when she answers the phone and , as busy as Jake is between all his projects, when we need to speak with him he is there for us. I know that we are just over the half way point of our addition and remodeling, but if the second half goes as well as the first half has, I will feel truly blessed with an experience and connection that will not only have enhanced our newly redone home, but made the process of getting there an enjoyable adventure. Thank you for everyone’s efforts so far…

Doug and Anna Bowen

Thanks Jake for designing and building for us a lovely three-season room. We were impressed that it could be done with our mixed roof lines. We appreciated the fact that it was all hand built and customized to our requests including the special windows. We appreciated the fact that you stayed within budget of what was quoted, except of course, for the add-ons we chose. We have been enjoying our three-season room all summer and hope to be out here on many fall days as well.

Chris, Brian and George were a great team of builders – following the plans and letting us know in advance what changes had to be made for design purposes. They were very precise, very neat and cleaned up each evening before leaving and just nice people to have around.

We would be happy to recommend your work and feel confident you would do a great job for them.

Ron and Joyce Archer